After getting injured in an accident, the only thing that many people are sure of is that they need compensation. Unfortunately, obtaining this compensation is often not an easy process, and many attorneys may advertise themselves as experienced and knowledgeable. You want an advocate who has the certifications and history of results to help you get the best possible outcome.

Choosing a lawyer who is a Nationally Board Certified Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is often the right choice. Still, you may not know what this certification means and who can obtain it. This page will explain the requirements to become a nationally board-certified specialist by the NBTA and why you want to choose a lawyer with this prestigious qualification. If you need immediate assistance, you can contact the Lancaster office of McDonald at Law right now. Attorney Michael McDonald has been nationally board certified by the NBTA since 2002, and he is the only Lancaster County attorney exclusively representing accident victims to hold this distinction. Call our office now at 717-208-2641 to schedule your free consultation.

Who Can Become Nationally Board Certified?

To become a Board Certified Attorney by the NBTA, the attorney must prove themselves as having extensive knowledge in their chosen field of legal specialization. Before certifying an attorney, the NBTA reviews the individual’s experience, obtains judicial and peer reviews, and requires applicants to pass an exam. Additionally, certified attorneys must prove that they have remained at the top of their fields with continuing education and maintaining a high standard of practice.

When hiring an NBTA Board Certified Attorney, you can rest easy knowing that the attorney:

  • Has demonstrated considerable experience and results in their chosen area of the law
  • Met objective and verifiable standards, including good standing in their state’s legal system
  • Understands the latest developments and strategies in their legal field
  • Are respected and reviewed by their peers, including judges and other attorneys

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By working with NBTA Board Certified Attorney Michael McDonald and the staff at McDonald at Law, you can feel confident that your case is in knowledgeable hands. Michael McDonald is one of only 3% of all attorneys in Pennsylvania to be board certified. Schedule your free consultation now by calling 717-208-2641 or sending us an email.

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