Is a personal injury lawsuit for an accident worth the effort?

A motor vehicle collision can disrupt your life. It’s natural to want to move on as quickly as possible and return to normal life. However, the temptation to put the event in the past could be a mistake – especially if the other driver was at fault.

Although results are never a guarantee when filing a personal injury lawsuit, the potential compensation might make a difference for your recovery. A successful claim can provide money to cover medical bills, lost income and other critical consequences of the crash. Unfortunately, some people have misconceptions about personal injury claims and the legal process.

Some people do not pursue a lawsuit because they assume it will be a difficult, demanding process. Luckily, this is not always the case. Your lawyer can take care of the details for you, such as proving fault, communicating with insurers and processing documents. Legal support can reduce the hassle while you focus on your physical and financial recovery.

A second common misconception is that legal help is not affordable for the average Pennsylvania resident. For this reason, many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis, which means that a client does not owe them until they win or settle their case. The injured person would pay their lawyer a percentage of the compensation award, keeping a significant amount for themselves to move forward.

Not every accident has strong merit for a lawsuit. When a crash leads to serious injuries, it is essential to review your case with a professional. If there is indeed a high likelihood that you could obtain compensation, your case may be worth pursuing.