Poll: Pennsylvanians worried about dangers of drugged driving

The rapid increase in drug overdoses here in Lancaster and across Pennsylvania over the last few years has ended lives and destroyed families. It is hard to put into words how tragic the situation is.

Now, a new poll released by AAA shows that Pennsylvanians are worried about how the easy availability of illegal drugs will affect their personal safety. In the poll, 92 percent of respondents said they consider someone driving after the use of illegal drugs to be a “serious threat” to their safety.

Additionally, new data released by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office reveals that there were an estimated 600-700 drug overdoses in the county just between November and the end of March. It is a safe bet that many people who have fallen prey to drug addiction have made the decision to get behind the wheel soon after using.

Drugged driving just as bad as drunk driving

Just like alcohol, using illegal drugs like marijuana, heroin and prescription painkillers can slow reaction times, blur vision, increase fatigue and impair judgment. When behind the wheel, any of these side effects can be recipe for disaster.

No matter how tragic the drug addiction crisis has become, getting behind the wheel after using does not only endanger the user. It puts passengers, people in other vehicles and pedestrians at risk of serious injury and death.

Remember that you have rights

Just like someone who drinks and drives, there is no excuse for drugged driving. While law enforcement, government officials and community organizations struggle to find a solution to this crisis, Lancaster County residents need to continue to be on the lookout for drugged drivers.

If you or a family member is seriously hurt or you are grieving the loss of a loved one due to a drugged driving accident, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our experienced attorneys today. We will be tireless advocates on your behalf to help you recover the compensation you deserve.