Truck accidents could cause serious burns. Be prepared.

Burn injuries from a crash are more common than it may seem. A single spark, leak or vehicle malfunction may be all it takes to cause a major hazard. Engine fires, explosions and other dangerous reactions can happen under certain circumstances – including in truck accidents.

Large vehicles can trigger crash-related fires, many of which occur on interstate highways. Passenger vehicles can catch fire, too, but trucks carrying flammable substances have an even higher risk of starting a blaze if they hit a car or another object on the road. Oil tankers and propane trucks can create deadly explosions and hard-to-contain fires that injure other drivers and pedestrians nearby.

In the moments after impact with a truck, drivers have little time to react. If another vehicle hits you and there are signs of a fire, safely exit your car and back away from the vehicles immediately. Do not leave the area entirely, as the other driver could accuse you of fleeing the scene. Call 911 for emergency fire assistance and medical care.

However, many crash-related fires begin suddenly. Drivers and passengers might not have a chance to avoid suffering serious burns. Explosions and fires from motor vehicle accidents may leave them with disfiguring scars, intense pain, organ damage and other health problems. Medical treatment for burn injuries is typically a long and expensive process.

If you suffer a crash that caused burn injuries, a personal injury lawsuit may be a key step in your recovery. After truck accidents, you and your attorney may need to investigate the actions of the truck driver, their employer and the vehicle manufacturer. If one of these parties is at fault for your injuries, they could potentially compensate you for the damages.