What should you know about T-bone accidents?

When the traffic light turns green, you take your foot off the brake and start rolling through the intersection when another vehicle comes barreling through the red light and right into traffic.

Broadside or side-impact collisions, more commonly known as T-bone crashes, are some of the most common types of car accidents. Like most crashes, they can happen so fast, but they can leave behind serious physical, emotional and financial damage in their wake.

So, what should Pennsylvania drivers know about these types of accidents?

When do these accidents occur?

These kinds of accidents generally occur when:

  • A driver runs a red light or a stop sign;
  • A driver does not yield to your right of way; or
  • A driver is distracted.

In all of these situations, reckless drivers do not pay attention to or they completely ignore traffic laws and signals. This only increases the risk that other drivers on the road face.

On top of that, side-impact collisions are the second-most common fatal accident on U.S. roads. And the increasing frequency of these accidents could be attributed to:

  • The increase in speed limits over the years;
  • The presence of larger vehicles on the road which can decrease visibility; and
  • The increased rates of distracted driving.

How can you avoid being involved in a T-bone accident?

There are steps that all Pennsylvania drivers can take to prevent these crashes, including:

  • Ensuring you obey all traffic laws, signs and signals;
  • Waiting for a moment before accelerating, even if the light is green;
  • Being extra careful in conditions of low visibility; and
  • Never assuming other drivers will follow traffic laws.

Driving defensively at all times can help keep you and your passengers safe whenever you take to the road.

Get immediate help after an accident

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