When the front of a car crashes into another vehicle’s side, it is called a T-bone collision. This type of car accident is notorious for causing severe injuries because many cars have less protection on their sides than at their front. Though vehicles with side airbags tend to yield milder injuries for their passengers, the risk of serious physical damage is still high.

Consult a Lancaster T-bone car accident lawyer if you feel you have been injured in a collision of this kind and want to seek damages. Our team can review your legal options and determine your eligibility for compensation.

T-Bone Collision Causes & Common Injuries

T-bones are almost always the result of the at-fault driver’s negligence. Actions such as failing to yield, running red lights or stop signs, making illegal U-turns, and changing lanes without looking are all forms of driver negligence. Sometimes, however, an accident can be caused by factors out of a driver’s control, such as inclement weather, obstacles in the road, or brake failure.

T-bone car accidents can cause minor injuries like scrapes and bruises, but the damage is often much more severe. It is not uncommon for victims of T-bone collisions to suffer brain or spine injuries, nerve damage, dismemberment, or permanent disability. This is why injured persons should not be afraid to fight for their right to fair compensation with the help of a Lancaster T-Bone accident attorney.

What to Do After a T-Bone Car Accident

After a T-bone collision, those involved should take immediate action. There are some key things that they should do before leaving the accident scene, and some that a Lancaster car accident attorney can assist with after the collision.

What Victims Can Do

If they are physically able to, one or multiple people involved in the collision should take pictures of the accident. These photos should include the fronts, sides, and backs of all vehicles that crashed. Interior and exterior images are best if the photographer can get a good look inside the cars.

After leaving the crash site, all injured individuals should go straight to the hospital for a medical evaluation. Once all injuries are assessed and diagnosed, the victims should request copies of their medical records to give to their attorney.

What an Attorney Can Do

When their clients are ready to file a claim for their T-bone car crash, a lawyer in Lancaster could help them get started by gathering the documents they need and explaining how to complete and submit them correctly. They could also explain the importance of the statute of limitations, which is two years for Lancaster residents, per state code § 42-5-524(2).

Because plaintiffs in car accident cases can have injuries that leave them with limited or no mobility, working with a legal professional can be extremely beneficial, as they can take on the burden of gathering all the information needed to make a solid case. They may still need information from their clients, but they can typically gather most of the evidence themselves and know how to apply laws that support their case.

One of the best things about letting a qualified legal advocate handle a personal injury case is that they are adept at negotiating with insurance companies to try to obtain maximum compensation for their clients. Since plaintiffs can seek damages without proving fault in Lancaster, it is not unusual for both parties to reach agreeable terms without taking the case to trial. This allows injured parties to focus on a peaceful recovery without being subjected to additional stress.

Contact T-Bone Car Collision Attorney in Lancaster as Soon as Possible

Letting a legal professional advocate for your right to compensation can bring valuable peace of mind when trying to recover from a serious injury. A Lancaster T-bone car accident lawyer can help you recover costs for medical treatment, reduced quality of life, lost wages, and more. Schedule a consultation with an attorney from McDonald at Law to discuss your options today.

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