Gathering Evidence in Lancaster Wrongful Death Cases

Michael McDonald obtained one of the largest non death trial verdicts in a personal injury case in the history of Lancaster County. As a nationally board-certified specialist, attorney McDonald is one of the select few in the United States with the power to obtain maximum results for you.

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    Michael McDonald obtained one of the largest non death trial verdicts in a personal injury case in the history of Lancaster County. As a nationally board-certified specialist, attorney McDonald is one of the select few in the United States with the power to obtain maximum results for you.

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      -Larry Kennally

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      What Qualifies as a Lancaster Wrongful Death Claim?

      Wrongful deaths in Pennsylvania are generally based on negligence, in which a person breaches the duty to act reasonably for the safety of others, and that breach causes injuries or death to another person The claimant must provide evidence to support their case for any wrongful death claim.

      A motivated attorney at McDonald At Law helps clients gather evidence relevant to their negligent passing claim and presents it to insurers in negotiations or at trial.

      Potential Pieces of Evidence in a Lancaster Wrongful Passing Claim

      A well-versed attorney at McDonald At Law could explain what documents to collect to prove the defendant’s negligence caused the untimely passing.

      Autopsy Report and Death Certificate

      Claimants in a wrongful death action must prove that the loved one died and the reason for it. An autopsy report details the cause of death as the coroner determines. A death certificate legally confirms the subject of the wrongful death suit is deceased, and it provides the date and time of death, as well as how it happened, such as in an automobile accident. Family can request a death certificate by mail, in person, or online from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

      Lancaster Police Reports

      Police reports are crucial pieces of evidence in most wrongful death cases. For instance, the responding officer would apply breath tests for alcohol if driving under the influence is suspected in an auto accident. Police officers are trained to find pieces of evidence that the lay spectator might overlook. The report the responding officer files can be crucial to the plaintiffs proving facts while a proactive attorney at McDonald At Law negotiates an untimely passing settlement or argues in court.

      Witness Statements

      Along with police reports, plaintiffs should seek witness statements, which the police may take while investigating the wrongful death. Later, plaintiffs’ attorneys can interview witnesses identified by police or who come forward with onsite information. Witnesses can corroborate the facts of an accident the plaintiffs’ attorney is reconstructing to make the case.

      Medical Records Show

      Injuries in wrongful death accidents are substantial enough for the person to die, and knowledge from the medical and hospital records is invaluable for cases seeking compensation, such as medical malpractice or auto crashes. Often, the decedent suffers injuries and lingers in hospital care before dying. Physician notes, tests, length of stay, treatments, pain level, and all elements that can establish the type and severity of injuries the patient sustained is good evidence for an experienced attorney handling a wrongful death case.

      Additional Evidence Could Clinch the Untimely Death Action

      Sometimes video camera surveillance footage will be available as irrefutable evidence of the accident behind the wrongful death claim.

      When a competent lawyer with McDonald At Law in Lancaster negotiates with an insurance company, financial evidence, including what the decedent earned, tax returns, how many children were being schooled, and how much assets cost to maintain will be valuable to establish what the family will need to live in a manner like what the decedent provided. Insurance companies that try to lowball settlement offers will face real numbers they will have to accept.

      Reach out to a Lancaster Attorney for Help Gathering Evidence in a Wrongful Death Case

      When you lose a loved one in a tragic accident or intentional violence, we can help you rally and seek the compensation your family deserves from the offender. Although your grief is front and center, your family’s future depends on replacing the contributions your loved one made to the family.

      Cases based on negligence require plaintiffs to produce evidence that the acts of another caused deadly results. One of our services is gathering evidence in Lancaster wrongful death cases. Call McDonald At Law today to learn how we can help your family.