Residents in nursing homes are at a greater risk of serious falls than the average senior. They often suffer from chronic diseases, have dementia or other memory disabilities, and have mobility deficiencies. The rate of falls and severe injuries among long-term care facilities is high.

Even the nursing homes that provide the highest level of care have a high rate of fall injuries. Where there are issues in the facilities, these chances increase significantly. When a resident sustains a severe injury because of the negligence of a caregiver or the facility, they could be legally responsible for the damages. If you suspect a nursing home of negligence, a compassionate elder abuse attorney at McDonald at Law skilled in falls in Lancaster nursing homes could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes for Nursing Home Falls

Many of the elderly residents living in long-term facilities suffer from chronic illnesses or other disabilities that make them susceptible to dangerous falls. An experienced lawyer working with McDonald at Law in Lancaster could answer questions on falls in long-term care facilities. The most common reasons for those falls include:

Gait and Balance Disorders and Muscle Weakness

Gait and balance disorders are prevalent causes of falls in nursing homes. The falls often bring about severe injuries and disabilities, leading to loss of quality of life. Balance disorders can cause loss of strength, decreased sensory perception, fatigue, and loss of awareness.

Unsafe Facilities

Inadequate lighting, wet floors, defective equipment, and walkway hazards can all cause dangerous falls that result in severe injuries, even when staff appropriately monitors the elderly resident.


Sedatives and anti-anxiety medications increase the risk of fall-related injuries. That is particularly the case for any drugs that affect the central nervous system.

Statute of Limitations in Lancaster

There is a set time limit to abide by when filing a claim for damages in personal injury cases. Pennsylvania Statutes Title 42 § 5524 states that the claimant in an elder abuse or neglect lawsuit has two years to file the case with the court from the date of injuries. If they do not know of the damages right away, the court may grant an exception under the discovery rule.

In that case, the claimant has two years from the date they discover the injuries. A knowledgeable lawyer at McDonald at Law could ensure the claimant files the action for their loved one’s fall in a nursing home within the legislation guidelines.

Schedule a Meeting with a Nursing Homes Falls Attorney in Lancaster

Facilities can take many precautions and caregivers to prevent serious falls and the severe injuries they accompany. Strictly abiding by regulations and policies can significantly reduce the chance of residents harming themselves.

If your loved one sustained an injury because of the careless actions of a caregiver or a negligent facility, they could be eligible to receive compensation for their injuries. Reach out to a lawyer at McDonald at Law who is well-versed in falls in Lancaster nursing homes to discuss the details of your loved one’s injuries.

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