You and your employer may disagree about your medical treatment. The employer’s doctor may say you can return to work. This may result in the termination of your wage loss and medical benefits — the benefits you’ve come to rely on for your recovery.

Sometimes these actions are intentional to force you back to work or to coerce you into finding work elsewhere. Either way, our attorneys at McDonald at Law can analyze the facts in your case and determine your best course of action. If you are subjected to or threatened by workers’ compensation benefits termination in Lancaster or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, we can help you overcome the obstacles involved. You can schedule your free consultation with a knowledgeable member of our staff by calling 717-208-2641.

Lancaster Workers’ Comp Attorney Assists Injured Workers When Benefits Stop

With nearly three decades of experience, we have handled numerous cases of termination and suspension of workers’ compensation benefits. Our team of personal injury attorneys is well-versed in Pennsylvania’s workers’ comp laws and takes employers to task when they shorten the benefits our clients deserve for full and fair treatment.

Don’t let your employer dictate the condition of your health or your future. Let McDonald at Law advocate for your rights and put you back on the path to recovery.

When Litigation Becomes Necessary, Get A Board-Certified Specialist On Your Side

Your employer may apply any number of strategies to halt payments. McDonald at Law can represent you to ensure that you receive what you need to recover. We can take your case before a workers’ compensation judge and put a stop to premature termination of your benefits.

Michael McDonald is workers’ compensation attorney who is a board-certified specialist, one of only a few Pennsylvania attorneys who have achieved this level of accomplishment. He is also a member of the elite Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and a platinum member of the National Verdict Club.

Don’t Sign A Termination Agreement Without Consulting With A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you sign a termination agreement, you agree that you are healed and no longer qualify for compensation for wage loss caused by your on-the-job injury. You must return to work.

Know what you are signing. Contact McDonald at Law and get sound legal guidance on termination of benefits as it applies to your specific situation.

Contact Us And Speak With An Attorney

When your employer or your employer’s insurance company takes action to cut off your benefits, you need to take action, too. Legal action. Turn to the workers’ compensation attorneys at McDonald at Law and learn your legal options for dealing with workers’ compensation benefits termination.

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