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The sudden death of a child causes families unbearable pain, but it can be especially difficult when the child’s death could have been prevented. If you believe your child passed away due to someone else’s intentionally harmful or negligent actions, our wrongful death attorneys might have sufficient grounds to pursue a claim against the person responsible for their passing. A compassionate lawyer with McDonald at Law could help your family pursue compensation from liable parties for the wrongful death of a minor in Lancaster.

Understanding Wrongful Death Actions

A wrongful death is one that would not have occurred if it weren’t for the negligence, unlawful violence, or recklessness of another person or entity. When a child passes away as a direct result of the actions or inaction of someone else, certain members of their family could be eligible to pursue compensation for their losses in a wrongful death action.

If a family has unanswered questions surrounding their child’s death, a skilled Lancaster lawyer could investigate the incident to determine what happened. Our team of dedicated attorneys knows where to look and what to ask to maximize a family’s chances of success.

Common Causes of Accidental Deaths in Lancaster

Although any accidental death of a child can give rise to a wrongful death claim, the following incidents most commonly result in legal claims in Lancaster:

While nothing can return a lost child to their family, a compassionate Lancaster attorney could help a family obtain justice for their loss by holding the responsible parties accountable in a civil claim for damages.

What Damages Can a Family Pursue after the Unexpected Passing of a Minor?

When an individual dies suddenly, there are often a lot of unplanned expenses. Filing a civil claim for a child’s wrongful death can give families financial security in otherwise uncertain times.

Economic Losses

A successful wrongful death action could give a child’s surviving family members compensation to cover funeral and burial expenses, as well as estate administration costs. A Lancaster lawyer could help a family calculate the economic losses that follow the untimely passing of their child and demand comprehensive compensation on their behalf.

Non-Economic Losses

In addition to economic damages, a skilled attorney with McDonald at Law could help a family pursue recovery for the non-economic or intangible losses of their child’s services and companionship. Another potentially recoverable non-economic loss is the income that the child may have earned in their lifetime.

When an adult dies, there is often an easy way to calculate their estimated lifetime earnings based on their work history, salary, and current wages. However, it is far more complicated to calculate what a child might have earned.

If a family wants to pursue compensation for their child’s lost future income, they would need to present substantial evidence. A local lawyer could help a family assemble proof, such as the child’s school records, as well as verification of the parents’ and siblings’ educational backgrounds and work histories.

Let a Lancaster Attorney Help File a Claim for the Wrongful Death of a Minor

After the tragic loss of a child, you know that your life will never be the same. Our understanding lawyers have experience with claims involving the wrongful death of a minor in Lancaster and could help your family obtain justice by making the guilty party pay for their actions. Reach out to McDonald at Law today to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

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