Given the enormous size and weight of commercial vehicles, truck drivers have a duty to operate them safely on the roadways around Lancaster. When they fail to do so, these heavy vehicles can flip and roll over, which can cause significant damage to countless other vehicles and their occupants.

If a rollover truck accident resulted in your injury, you could have a strong case for monetary compensation. Whether you were in another vehicle or traveling on foot, the injuries resulting from the truck accident could be covered by a personal injury claim. Our dedicated tractor-trailer crash attorney at McDonald at Law could advise you on your legal options related to rollover truck accidents in Lancaster.

Proving Negligence in a Lancaster Rollover Truck Crash

In order for an injured party to secure monetary compensation following a rollover truck accident, they and their seasoned attorney from McDonald at Law must successfully make a case for negligence. This case begins with proving a breach of duty of care, a causal link between the breach and the claimant’s injuries, and monetary damages.

Demonstrating negligence starts with duty of care. Every motorist—including commercial truck drivers—owes the people they share the road with a duty to operate their vehicle safely. When truck drivers breach that duty, they could be liable for any damage they cause. Common ways that truck drivers breach the duty of care include driving while intoxicated, traveling at unsafe speeds, or failing to yield the right-of-way.

There must also be a causal link between the truck driver’s negligence and a person’s injuries. Known as causation, this link is necessary to ensure the injured party only recovers compensation for the damages caused by the truck operator.

The final requirement for proving negligence is demonstrating the existence of damages to person or property.

Recovering Compensation in a Flipped Commercial Vehicle Wreck

When rollover 18-wheeler collisions result from negligence, numerous forms of financial compensation may be available to those who are injured in the collision. The types of damages that could be awarded in a rollover truck accident will depend on a few factors, including the extent of the injuries and the damage to the other vehicles. A motivated attorney at McDonald at Law in Lancaster could review the claim and recommend which damages to pursue.

Medical Expenses

The cost of medical treatment following a rollover truck accident is often steep. Catastrophic injuries, which often come from these accidents, could require surgical procedures, prescription pain medication, and years of follow-up care.

Lost Wages

Injuries can require a person to miss time away from work while they recover, which can mean the loss of needed paychecks.

Property Damage

A claimant in a rollover truck crash case could also seek a monetary award based on the damage to their vehicle, which can often be devastating.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Rollover Truck Accident in Lancaster

You have the right to seek justice following a rollover truck accident in Lancaster. The trauma caused by these accidents can be significant, but a personal injury claim could help make you financially whole while you recover.

Before you move forward with a case on your own, let an experienced attorney review the facts and advise you on your options. Call McDonald at Law today to get started.

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