Were You Injured At Work?

No one heads to work in the morning thinking they will be the victim of a workplace accident or suffer job-related injuries. However, every year millions of workers throughout the U.S. suffer painful injuries at work that result in significant personal and financial losses.

Were You Injured At WorkAccording to national statistics, here are the top five most common workplace injuries:

1) Overexertion Injuries – Workers suffer more injuries as a result of attempting to lift, push, pull, carry and throw objects at work than from any other type of activity, accounting for $13.6 billion in workers’ compensation benefits.

2) Slips and Falls – From a fall down a workplace staircase to a slip on a freshly mopped office floor, injuries resulting from slips and falls are the second most-common types of injuries suffered by U.S. workers.

3) Falls From Heights – Especially common among construction workers; a fall from a ladder or off of a roof can result in a worker suffering serious and debilitating injuries including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding.

4) Reaction Injuries – Often suffered in the wake of a slip or trip accident that does not result in a fall, reaction injuries frequently result in injuries to muscles and soft tissue that are painful and slow to heal.

5) Struck by a Falling Object – Workers who are employed at warehouses and construction sites are especially at risk of being struck by falling objects. These types of accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries which cause permanent and life-altering damage.

According to 2014 statistics, workplace-related injuries resulted in U.S. workers missing more than 1.1 million days of work. If you suffer a workplace injury and are unable to work, you’re likely to have many questions and concerns about your health and financial security.

Injured Workers Can Apply For Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits exist to provide financial assistance to workers who suffer injuries while performing job-related tasks. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system is complex and many people experience difficulty and frustration when attempting to secure benefits.

An attorney who handles workers’ compensation matters can assist with the initial application process and, if your claim was denied, with the appeals process.

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