The roads in Central Pennsylvania are filled with buses. The Rabbittransit routes cover most of the city and even take passengers to Harrisburg and Gettysburg. School districts, the five local universities, and several private firms also run buses in the area.

Although these vehicles provide an efficient means of transportation to many people, the convenience is not without risk. Buses are cumbersome and difficult to drive, they often perform poorly in bad weather, and accidents happen. Injuries suffered in bus accidents could be severe and require long-term care.

If you were injured in an incident involving a bus, a qualified personal injury attorney could help you seek monetary damages from the bus company and other responsible parties. Engage a York bus accident lawyer to get a compassionate advocate working for you.

York Laws about Pursuing Damages after a Bus Crash Are Complex

Injured people should act quickly after an accident involving a school or a bus operated by another government agency. A Commonwealth law, 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated § 5522, requires anyone who might have a claim against the Commonwealth or a local government to file a notice describing their claim within six months of their injury.

Filing the notice of claim on time could prevent the injured person from bringing a lawsuit to get appropriate compensation for the losses they suffered in the bus accident. More importantly, it opens negotiations with the unit of government responsible for the accident that caused the injuries.

Negotiations almost always result in a satisfactory settlement, and the claimant never has to file suit. Nevertheless, the possibility of a lawsuit might spur the government negotiators to offer more generous compensation than they would otherwise. Engaging an experienced attorney with McDonald at Law soon after a bus accident could ensure that the injured person retains their right to sue and could speed the negotiations, alleviating the need for a lawsuit.

Potentially Liable Parties in a Bus Accident

Multiple parties could have contributed to a bus collision. Everyone whose negligence was a factor in the accident could be liable to pay damages to an injured party.

The bus owner and operator would likely be liable. As common carriers, they must uphold a high standard of care to protect passengers and others, and a savvy accident attorney could identify a failure to uphold that standard. If the bus driver was an independent contractor, they might be liable too. Other potentially responsible parties could include the shop with the contract to maintain the vehicle, the bus manufacturer, and other drivers involved in the accident.

Bus accidents often lead to severe injuries and a claimant might need a substantial sum to cover all their losses. Bringing claims against all the potentially responsible parties increases the likelihood that negotiations will result in a fair and appropriate settlement.

Damages in Bus Wreck Cases Could Cover Injury-Related Losses

Compensation in an injury case is called damages. Economic damages are costs that the injured person incurred because of the accident, such as medical expenses and reduced income from taking time off from work. Economic damages also could include the cost of household services the injured person could not perform during their recovery, home renovation costs if necessary to accommodate the injury, and incidental expenses.

Non-economic damages cover the intangible effects of the injury. A claimant might receive non-economic damages to compensate for their emotional turmoil, physical suffering, and any disfigurement, disability, and changes in lifestyle the injury caused.

A dedicated injury attorney at McDonald at Law in York has experience calculating the potential value of bus wreck cases. Although every case is different, a legal professional could provide an injured person with an estimate of the damages they could receive through good-faith negotiations.

 Consult with a York Bus Accident Attorney to Handle Your injury Claim

Recovering from bus accident injuries could be a long and arduous process. Having a knowledgeable attorney offering practical advice could be helpful in supporting your recovery.

A well-versed York bus accident lawyer understands the legal issues and knows how to negotiate a settlement that will provide fair compensation for your losses. Protect your rights by scheduling a consultation with McDonald at Law as soon as possible after your bus accident.

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