Modern medicine is a marvel and one that has cured countless diseases and ailments. However, when a drug manufacturer rushes the process or fails to warn of known side effects, your health may have been damaged. Dangerous drugs are available for purchase because of the negligence of manufacturers. State law provides a course of action to hold them responsible for the damage they have done to you.

If you believe you were hurt by a defective medication, let our qualified York dangerous drugs lawyer at McDonald at Law provide you advice. Our driven personal injury attorney could help you recover monetary compensation you are entitled to because of your injuries.

Typical Side Effects of a Hazardous Drug

The side effects someone could face from a dangerous drug are varied, but each could be the reason they suffer significant harm. Medications are supposed to make people feel better, but the opposite is often the case because of the negligent errors of pharmaceutical companies.

Side effects that commonly impact people who have a taken a hazardous medication include:

  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues
  • Blurry vision or dizziness
  • Loss of appetite, vomiting, or gastral distress
  • Uncontrollable bleeding and clotting issues
  • Skin conditions
  • Uncontrollable weight gain or loss
  • Cancer
  • Death

The damage done by a defective drug can be catastrophic and should be appropriately handled by the knowledgeable legal team at McDonald at Law in York.

How Drug Companies May be Negligent or Intentionally Harmful

Pharmaceutical companies may be negligent in several different ways. Other actions may even be intentional or fraudulent. For example, many drug companies falsify drug trial data to hide known side effects in order to get FDA approval of a medication. These businesses may not care about the harm they cause. Instead, they care about their profits.

Companies may instead be negligent in how they design or manufacture a particular medication. A design defect occurs if the company’s plan for the drug is defective from the start. Even if they put it together properly, it is still defective and could cause harm. Defective manufacturing occurs when the company’s design would work, but the way it is constructed or processed makes it dangerous. Each of these could result in liability for the drug manufacturer. A competent York lawyer with McDonald at Law could help construct a case based on the ways in which the pharmaceutical company was responsible for the medication being defective.

Drug Recalls are a Potential Consequence for Dangerous Medication

After a drug has been discovered to be dangerous, it is often recalled. A recall is often a sign that the company discovered an issue, but it is not a necessary predicate to a dangerous drug lawsuit. A medication could be dangerous and a manufacturer negligent, without the need to recall the medication.

The well-versed attorneys at McDonald at Law in York could explain the relationship between recalls and hazardous drugs

Consult a Dangerous Drug Attorney in York

You could be facing serious side effects from a dangerous drug. The impact on your life has likely been severe. You are likely facing financial, physical, and emotional ramifications from your injuries.

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