Hundreds of pedestrians every year are hit across the state, changing their lives forever. These kinds of accidents can result in especially devastating injuries, as there is nothing to block the full impact of a car. A negligent person can leave you hospitalized and dealing with major expenses. You may have lost the ability to work and be dealing with extreme pain. A dedicated personal injury attorney may help you recover compensation from the negligent party.

An experienced York pedestrian accident lawyer at McDonald at Law understands what you are dealing with and how to help you seek damages.

Special Rights for Pedestrians in York

Under Commonwealth law, pedestrians are granted special rights. Violating those rights can lead to very serious injuries. As a result, laws like 75 Pa. Code § 3542 were adopted to ensure that drivers understand their obligations toward people walking. This law requires that drivers yield the right of way to pedestrians in marked or unmarked crossways at intersections.

It also forbids another vehicle to pass a vehicle that is stopped for a pedestrian. These impatient drivers can harm or even kill an unsuspecting pedestrian blindsided by the impact. If this situation or a similar situation has occurred, a well-versed attorney could use the rules the driver broke to construct a solid case for the injured pedestrian to seek justice.

Using Sidewalks

Other laws require pedestrians to use sidewalks when they are available. If a sidewalk is present, the pedestrian must use it assuming it is safe to do so. Otherwise, a pedestrian should stick close to the curb on the road to avoid walking directly in traffic.

Using a sidewalk is still no guarantee of safety. Dangerous or distracted drivers often leave the road and injure pedestrians lawfully walking on sidewalks.

Proof of Negligence in Pedestrian Accident Claims

Evidence of negligence in a pedestrian collision case is best investigated and collected by a knowledgeable York attorney at McDonald at Law.

An investigation of the claim will often look for evidence such as:

  • Traffic cameras and other recordings
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident
  • Witness testimony
  • Police reports
  • Insurance reports and assessments
  • Medical bills and expenses

These are just a few examples of the evidence needed to pursue a claim.

When to File a York Pedestrian Accident Claim

After the injury, the pedestrian has been dealing with a lot. The accident has likely caused serious harm and pain. The emotional and psychological struggle is probably a lot to handle, and they may want to delay filing their case.

However, there are time limits on filing that may affect the case. In fact, the sooner a person files, the more likely it is that evidence can be preserved to help prove the case. The best advice is to approach a proactive lawyer at McDonald at Law as soon as possible to file the pedestrian injury claim.

Work with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in York

Pedestrian accidents can leave you gravely injured, but that does not mean you are without recourse. A personal injury claim is specifically intended to help you seek compensation for the injuries you have endured. Commonwealth laws exist to add to these protections.

An experienced York pedestrian accident lawyer is ready to assist you in filing your claim. Contact McDonald at Law today.

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