Slip and fall injuries transpire when a person is injured due to slipping, tripping, or falling due to an unsafe environment. When an unsafe environment that causes an injury results from the property owner’s negligence, they may be responsible for compensation for your medical costs and related expenses.

However, slip and fall cases require the injured party to prove several conditions were present at the time of the accident, which a diligent personal injury attorney may be able to help with. Contacting a York slip and fall accident lawyer McDonald at Law may increase the likelihood of your claim’s success.

Property Conditions affect Slip and Fall Claims

Trip and spill claims fall under a legal concept known as premises liability, which exists on any private or commercial property. However, the conditions necessary for the property owner to be liable can change based on the nature of the property and the visit of the injured party.

In many cases, slip and fall claims result from dangerous conditions such as wet or icy floors, tattered carpeting, unsafe railing, or poorly maintained staircases. However, for liability to attach, a property owner must be aware of the dangerous condition and fail to fix or otherwise adequately warn the party who incurs injury as a result.

Furthermore, the injured party must also be unaware of the dangerous condition prior to the accident. Lastly, the injured party must show that an actual physical injury resulting from the slip and fall incident. An experienced attorney at McDonald at Law in York could help establish the necessary conditions to hold a property owner liable for an individual’s slip and fall case.

Common Injuries Associated with Trip and Spill Cases

Injuries from slip and fall cases vary greatly based on the condition that caused the injury. Typical injuries include:

  • Lacerations
  • Blunt-force trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury

The injuries listed above can often impair a person’s ability to work and perform their day-to-day functions. A compassionate lawyer with McDonald at Law could help an injured party to file a slip and fall claim in York.

Financial Compensation Available in York

Fortunately, financial compensation is available for parties in York who succumb to injury resulting from a trip and fall accident. A proactive attorney at McDonald at Law will analyze the claimant’s trip and spill case and look for areas where compensation is available. The two primary categories for compensation in slip and fall cases are economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages cover the injuries, which typically include bills with concrete expenses. Medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and future earnings lost due to injury are all costs that can be reimbursed through a successful claim.

Furthermore, injuries related to pain, suffering, and mental turmoil are also recoverable. These injuries do not include concrete numbers but are harmful to the injured party just the same. Both forms of harm are recognized and recoverable.

Statute of Limitations

Under the Statutes of Pennsylvania § 5524, if you are injured due to a slip and fall accident, your time to file a claim is limited to two years from the accident’s date. Furthermore, the complexity of a premises liability case can be overwhelming even without the constraints of a time limit.

Call a York Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Falling due to dangerous conditions can produce a range of injuries from minor to catastrophic. If someone else’s negligence negatively impacted your life, you may be entitled to compensation.

Working with a seasoned Pennsylvania slip and fall accident lawyer could help you get the knowledge necessary to see your claim through to the end. Get in touch today.

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