Just how distracted are Pennsylvania drivers?

Drivers know the rules: put the phone away and pay attention to the road. While many drivers are guilty of at least occasional inattentiveness, the risk for a crash increases with every unrelated thought. How far are local drivers willing to go with their distracted driving?

Just how distracted are Pennsylvania driversAlthough there are many forms of distractions that can happen while driving, phone use continues to take the lead. A recent survey of Philadelphia drivers indicates that mobile phones are a serious problem in the car – and not just for young drivers.

According to the results, almost all Millennial drivers admitted to driving while distracted with their phone. Over half of Baby Boomers also confessed to phone distractions. Overall, three out of four participants confirmed that they use their phone on the road.

Phones can serve a positive purpose behind the wheel. GPS apps may provide directions to help drivers navigate. If a driver is in an accident or has car trouble, help is a call away. Unfortunately, too many drivers are texting or checking social media, which places other people in danger.

If an accident happens due to a distracted driver, the other victim has a right to seek damages from them. The negligent driver’s own insurance company might pay for the other party’s injuries. The distracted driver might also receive less compensation from their insurer for their losses.

However, every case is unique, and it is possible that multiple drivers might share fault. It is important to talk to an attorney to get an accurate assessment of the situation.

Regardless, drivers should not need another reminder: a single text could end someone else’s life. Safety must be a priority behind the wheel.

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