Some crash injuries are hidden – and even more dangerous

The sudden impact of a car crash can leave you suffering from serious bruising, whiplash and broken bones. These injuries can be incredibly painful. However, because they are visible, you can get treatment for them as soon as possible.

Other injuries might not be as apparent, such as internal injuries. We discussed the common symptoms of internal injuries in a past blog post, but what kind of severe internal or hidden injuries could you face in the event of a car accident? This post will cover some of the most serious injuries that you may not be aware of after a motor vehicle crash.

Some crash injuries are hidden – and even more dangerousWhat injuries could be hidden after a crash?

There are several internal injuries that could be common after a car accident, including, but not limited to:

  • Brain injuries, including concussions, bleeding in the brain or traumatic brain injuries
  • A collapsed lung, often stemming from a broken rib that punctures the lung
  • Internal bleeding or other organ damage, such as a liver laceration
  • Torn ligaments or herniated disks in the spine

Most of these internal injuries result from blunt force trauma after the shock and impact a crash can cause.

Why are these internal injuries so dangerous?

Any injury in a minor or major accident could be incredibly serious, however, hidden injuries can be some of the most dangerous ones. Internal injuries such as those listed above are often hidden for a few reasons:

  1. The injuries do not manifest immediately after the accident; or
  2. Surprisingly, individuals may not experience pain or other symptoms of the injury right away.

Additionally, the symptoms of internal injuries can vary for everyone. For example, internal bleeding can exhibit many different symptoms, including numbness, headaches or loss of consciousness. Meanwhile, another person might experience difficulties with coordination, fatigue or nausea.

These risk factors often mean that individuals do not seek the proper treatment right away, which only increases an individual’s risk of suffering an even worse injury or fatality. It is critical to seek comprehensive medical treatment after a crash on Pennsylvania roads to catch hidden injuries before they cause life-threatening damage.

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