Thanksgiving travel tips to avoid a collision

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, many Pennsylvania residents are planning for upcoming gatherings and travel. If you want to safely visit family and friends this season, it is important to minimize your risk while driving.

At this time of year, several factors put drivers and passengers in danger. Daylight hours are dwindling. Holiday parties often involve alcohol consumption. Winter weather can make roads slippery and limit visibility. These hazards frequently contribute to serious accidents.

One way to reduce your crash risk is to travel when traffic is light, which can make the roads are easier to navigate. AAA recently issued a traffic warning in advance of Thanksgiving weekend. According to their projections, traffic will probably spike in evening during the weekdays before Thanksgiving. Therefore, it may be safer and easier to travel earlier in the day if possible.

Thanksgiving evening through the morning of Black Friday can also be a dangerous time to drive. Because many people consume wine or other alcoholic beverage during the holiday, drunk driving may be a hazard on your route home. Although you cannot prevent drunk drivers from causing a car accident, you can plan to stay sober or find alternative transportation to avoid a crash.

When driving during the week of Thanksgiving, be sure to:

  • Stay aware of dangerous weather and road conditions
  • Use headlights at night and when visibility is poor due to fog or snow
  • Drive when well-rested and alert, but do not rely on caffeine to eliminate fatigue
  • Scan the road for patches of ice and other hazards

Unfortunately, an accident could happen this Thanksgiving. If this is the case for you and your family, you can seek legal advice for filing an accident claim.

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