The Causes of Serious Spinal Cord Injuries

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The Causes of Serious Spinal Cord InjuriesLet’s take this opportunity to consider some of the common causes of spinal cord injuries, and why they need to be taken seriously if they were the result of another person’s negligence.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the most common causes of back injuries. Severe collisions can cause a wide variety of trauma to the body, and injuries to the neck and spine can be quite severe. Whiplash, which affects the neck, can lead to pain and issue with neck mobility due to muscle, never, and vertebrae damage. Herniated discs are also a possibility, and may occur throughout the back (particularly the lumbar region/lower back) if you sustain a heavy blow during a collision.

Major Slips and Falls

Another source of back injuries is serious slips and falls. These may occur at local businesses or even private residences. The nature of the fall or slip is important to note, and while bumps and bruises are most common in these kinds of accidents, serious back injuries may occur too.

Injuries at Your Workplace

If your work involves a lot of physical labor, heavy lifting, and/or repetitive motions, these can contribute to serious back injuries. Sudden blows to the back can cause a herniated disc or other serious injuries. Long-term stress on the back can eventually cause a herniated disc or problems with your range of motion.

Accidents at Construction Sites

Construction accidents can be very serious, both for construction workers and for passersby. Large objects may fall, or heavy equipment may somehow malfunction, resulting in major trauma. Back injuries can occur during construction accidents, and in such cases, not even proper protective gear or safety rigging will be helpful.

Sports Injuries

If you play contact sports or engage in combat sports, there is the potential danger of a major spinal cord injury occurring. This applies to professional athletes and student athletes as well as weekend warriors and hobbyists. Be sure to wear proper protective gear and to be reasonable when it comes to your physical abilities and limitations. This level of caution can prevent a number of serious health problems, spinal cord injuries among them.

Physical Assaults and Altercations

Victims of an attack or an assault may suffer a serious back injury depending on the nature of the altercation. Any time someone sustains a blow or trauma to the back or neck, there is the potential for a major spinal cord injury.

How severe can spinal cord injuries get?

Even relatively minor spinal cord injuries such as pinched nerves and herniated discs can cause serious pain and impact your ability to get around or perform the tasks that you take for granted. You may find it difficult to walk, to sit straight, to lift objects, or to move your body in certain ways. These issues tend to clear up with proper rest ad advised by your doctor.

When it comes to serious spinal cord injuries such as paraplegia and quadriplegia, your entire life may be changed forever. These severe spinal cord injuries result in paralysis of your limbs, requiring medical assistance and monitoring for the rest of your life.

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