What information should you collect after an accident?

The time directly after an accident can be overwhelming and confusing. Many people are in shock after being involved in a crash, and the combination of emotional stress and physical injuries can – and should – take precedence over gathering necessary information. But collecting information can be critical to obtain compensation.

Here is a brief overview reminding individuals some of the essential information they or their loved ones should gather after an accident.

Important note: It is always critical to obtain medical attention after an accident. Even if drivers do not think they are injured, they may have internal injuries that could appear later. Before completing any of the following steps, drivers should check for injuries. If drivers suffer severe injuries, it could be possible for loved ones to collect the information they need for their injury claim.

Lancaster Online recently published an article outlining the steps that individuals should follow after a crash. When it comes to collecting information, there are three main categories individuals should obtain.

1. The negligent driver’s information

Drivers or their loved ones should remember to be civil with the other driver involved in the accident, even if they were at fault. This is critical to collect information such as:

  • The negligent driver’s name;
  • The names of any passengers; and
  • The negligent driver’s contact information.

It is only essential to collect basic information.

2. Information about the other car

It is also necessary to record information about the negligent driver’s vehicle, including:

  • The make and model of the car;
  • The license plate number;
  • The vehicle identification number; and
  • The insurance information regarding the vehicle.

Insurance companies usually focus on this information when individuals file a claim. So, it is helpful to collect as much information as possible about the other vehicle, even if it may not seem relevant.

3. Details about the accident

We have discussed this in past blog posts, but it always bears repeating.

In addition to information about the driver and the vehicle, drivers must also collect information about the accident. There are three questions drivers should consider when gathering this information:

  • Where did the accident happen?
  • When did the accident happen?
  • How did it happen?

It is also helpful to take pictures of injuries and any damages to the vehicle. When they are able, drivers should also write down everything they can remember from the accident. All of this information is essential for drivers to move forward and collect the compensation they could be entitled to if they are injured because of another driver’s negligence.

Speak To An Attorney If You Are Injured In A Car Accident

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