When could the insurance company deny my claim?

You and your family have a lot on your plate after a catastrophic car accident. While you recover from debilitating injuries, you and your family deal with significant emotional and financial stress while you work to get back on your feet.

All this stress can compound if you discover that the insurance company has denied your claim for compensation.

When could this happen?

There are a few reasons that insurance companies might deny your claim, including:

  • No record of medical care: If you refuse emergency medical care after the crash or delay seeking treatment for injuries, insurance companies might deny the claim. In their eyes, avoiding immediate medical treatment could indicate that you suffered no injury.
  • Policy information: Sometimes, the insurance policy itself could lead to a denied claim. For example, the negligent driver’s auto insurance policy might have expired, leaving them uninsured. Or, they have no-fault insurance, since Pennsylvania is a no-fault insurance state.
  • Delay in providing information: In Pennsylvania, you have two years to file a personal injury claim. However, insurance companies might have different requirements, especially regarding when you must inform them about the accident.

Some insurance companies might deny claims in hopes that you will not pursue your just compensation. Remember, many insurance companies want to save money.

What can you do?

One of the most important things you can do proactively after an accident is to create a file of the details and information about the accident. This file should include:

  • A written report of what you remember;
  • Photos of the accident, damage and injuries;
  • A copy of the police report;
  • A copy of your medical records;
  • Insurance information, such as the policy information and claim number; and
  • Receipts for all the expenses paid after the accident, such as medical bills and car repairs.

It may sound tedious, but it is critical. If you have this information ready when an insurance company denies your claim, you can challenge the denial confidently.

A denial of your claim does not mean you cannot recover your compensation, but it can increase your stress unduly. If your valid claim is denied, then the attorneys at McDonald at Law can help you. Attorney Michael McDonald is the only Nationally Board Certified Expert certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Lancaster County who exclusively represents accident victims. He has obtained some of the highest trial verdicts and arbitration awards in the history of Lancaster County.

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