Which months are the most dangerous for drivers?

Many people might think that the colder months are the most dangerous ones for Pennsylvania drivers. After all, rain, ice and snow can often make a deadly mix for any kind of vehicle.

However, the winter season is not necessarily the most dangerous for drivers. All four seasons alike involve risks for everyone, but the most hazardous months might surprise drivers.

Summer and fall consistently have the most dangerous months

The answer to this question often varies from year to year. However, most reports agree that the months between July and October are the deadliest for drivers across the country. And the most recent statistics about Pennsylvania accidents specifically fall in line with this estimate.

Most studies determine that August is the most dangerous month to drive in across the country. But PennDOT reports that July is often the deadliest month on Pennsylvania roads.

Why are these months so dangerous?

These statistics might make some Pennsylvania drivers believe they are in the clear now that July and August are over. However, that is not true. As summer fades and fall comes in full-swing, drivers still face plenty of hazards on the road. And the dangers do not decrease simply because the deadliest months are over.

But why are these months more dangerous than others? There are a few common reasons, including:

  • Over-confidence: Drivers tend to feel more confident in their skills when there are less adverse road conditions. Therefore, they are more likely to drive distracted, speed or drive recklessly.
  • More vehicles on the road: Summertime brings more vacations and road trips. Additionally, school traffic begins in September, adding even more vehicles to Pennsylvania roads. The number of drivers on the road is also often why holidays are more dangerous as well.
  • Smaller vehicles on the road: Warmer weather brings with it more motorcyclists and bicyclists on Pennsylvania roads. Many motorists overlook these smaller vehicles and create a higher risk of a fatal accident.

We are still in the middle of some of the deadliest months on our roads. That is why it is critical for drivers to be aware of the increased risks they face during this time, so they can take extra precautions and remain safe.