Why you shouldn’t talk to the insurance company alone

If it’s clear after a car accident, or any type of accident, that you were not at fault, you can expect the insurance company for the negligent driver or party to contact you and offer you a settlement.

Why you shouldn’t talk to the insurance company aloneYou should be wary of this offer. This settlement offer will often be far lower than what you deserve. This is why it is so important that you do not talk to the insurance company alone.

One way in which they will attempt to limit the amount of compensation they need to pay you – or have grounds for denying your claim entirely – is by having you give a recorded statement. Even if you’ve recounted the story of your accident countless times already to the police, your doctor and your own insurance company, giving a recorded statement to the negligent party’s insurance company is a risky move. The adjusters:

  • Will look for any inconsistencies between the statement you give them and the statements you have given to others to question your credibility and claim that you lied. This is difficult to avoid, because no matter how often people tell the same story, it is likely that details will change. This becomes more likely the further away from the accident it gets.
  • Will ask questions designed to trick you and get you to answer their questions in a way that absolves their client of fault or may even make it sound like you are admitting fault in the accident.

It’s human nature to never tell a story the exact same way twice. By giving a recorded statement to the insurance company, you could be doing serious damage to your claim. Instead, with an experienced personal injury attorney in your corner, you will greatly increase your chances of recovering the compensation that you need to truly account for your losses.

An attorney can advise you about when to talk and when your attorney should do the negotiating for you. Remember, insurance companies count on you not knowing the law or your rights. However, an experienced personal injury trial attorney will be able to protect your rights and options.

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