Car wrecks can seem like a mere annoyance or impedance to traffic until you are one of the parties involved. A car wreck can be a frightening event with life-altering consequences you never imagined. Furthermore, a car wreck can feel infuriating when you are injured and presented with bills for injuries caused by someone else.

However, the responsible parties may be held accountable with the services of a York car accident lawyer with McDonald at Law. With the help of a talented attorney, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries and associated costs.

Recovery Options for Injured Parties

Even minor accidents can negatively impact the life of the people involved. The resulting harm to a person’s vehicle, body, or mental state may incur damages, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Future wages if the injury rendered the injured party unable to perform certain functions
  • Repair costs for damaged vehicles
  • Pain and suffering

In York, the damages may be recoverable. However, recovering total compensation for accident-related injuries is not an easy task. Experience and knowledge of the law often play a critical role in determining the outcome of an auto accident claim. Having a well-versed lawyer at McDonald at Law who handles auto collision cases in York may prove beneficial when demonstrating another party is responsible.

The Importance of Fault and Liability in York Auto Crashes

A traffic wreck is seldom a freak occurrence. At some point, a reckless or negligent act by one or more drivers results in a collision. While fault must still be proven and assigned to the appropriate parties through investigation, it is presumed to rest with one or more parties involved in the auto accident. Most commonly, car crashes result from a person speeding, texting or talking on their phone, driving aggressively, or driving while intoxicated.

In some cases, the motor vehicle collision may be caused by defective parts of vehicles. In cases where defective products cause a car wreck, it may be prudent to obtain the counsel of a qualified attorney with McDonald at Law. A car or parts manufacturer may be the cause and require extensive litigation to be held liable.

Regardless, to recover any form of compensation, the fault must be shown before another party can be held liable.

Time Limitations for Auto Wreck Cases in York

In the pursuit of fairness and predictability, lawsuits have built-in expiration dates. The concept of limiting the time for filing a claim results from the fragility of evidence and reliability of eyewitness testimony. Furthermore, it is a generally accepted notion that someone bringing a lawsuit for monetary purposes based on events in the distant past is unjust.

Therefore, under the Statutes of Pennsylvania § 5524, all legal actions related to traffic accidents must commence within two years from the accident date. Any action an injured party files after the statute of limitations have run generally dismissed. There are a few instances where the statute of limitations may begin after the car accident, but these instances generally require the knowledge of a competent attorney in York.

Reach out to a York Car Wreck Lawyer for Help

Reclaiming your life after a car wreck starts by holding the responsible parties accountable. An attorney could provide knowledge and experience to help you seek compensation by handling your claim.

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