Central Pennsylvania’s winter roads are the scene of severe car accidents

It’s winter in Pennsylvania. As much as many of us enjoy the snow and colder temperatures, wintertime also means streets and highways that are sometimes covered with ice, snow or both.

How to be safe on winter roads

The roads can ice up after it rains or snows. Responsible drivers know that they need to take extra precautions when driving on slippery roads. Unfortunately, many people in South Central Pennsylvania either do not realize this or choose to ignore the danger. For those who need a refresher course, here are some tips from AAA on reducing the risk of a serious car accident due to winter weather.

  • Slow down. The speed limit does not take icy conditions into account. Go slower than you would on clear roads.
  • Avoid slamming on the gas or the brakes. A sudden change in speed can cause your vehicle to skid on ice.
  • Increase following distance. Three seconds’ worth of distance from the vehicle in front of you may be enough space in warmer conditions, but if you hit a patch of ice, you may not be able to stop in time. Give about five or six seconds of space instead.
  • Stay home. If the weather is really severe, like during a blizzard, avoid driving if at all possible.

All motorists have the legal duty to take reasonable precautions to reduce the risk of injury to others on the road. This includes being extra cautious when winter weather has created hazardous road conditions, limited visibility or both. When someone fails to meet this responsibility, they often end up causing serious harm to innocent people in a violent auto crash.

That is where Pennsylvania’s personal injury laws come in. Victims of a driver who negligently fails to adjust for winter road conditions can seek compensation for things like their hospital bills, lost past and future wages, and pain and suffering.

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