The terrible consequences from underride crashes with commercial trucks

The terrible consequences from underride crashes with commercial trucksHighway traffic is not uncommon in south-central Pennsylvania with motorists humming, driving and often speeding along the major thoroughfares of U.S. Hwys. 30 and 222. And among the traffic are the ubiquitous big-rig trucks hauling cargo throughout the state and the rest of the country.

As long as you drive safely and take precautions around these 18-wheelers, and their drivers do the same, highway co-existence continues to rule. But the potential dangers are there, and one of the gruesome ones is an underride accident. The aftermath of these such collisions proves less-than-favorable for the drivers and passengers of cars, SUVs and pick-ups when crashing into such behemoth vehicles.

About 200 fatalities per year

The U.S. government estimates that about 200 people are killed each year in underride accidents. Meanwhile, the people who survive such accidents typically wind up with horrific and catastrophic injuries, leading to lifelong consequences and disabilities. For years, loved ones of underride accident victims have lobbied for safety laws requiring trucking companies to install underride guards on the sides, front and rear of big-rig trucks.

Here are the common ways that underride accidents occur:

  • From the side: Such accidents often take place when a big-rig truck turns or crosses the road, usually at conditions with low disability or darkness. For highway drivers, these slow-moving vehicles are difficult to see, especially if the side lights are inoperable.
  • From the rear: A truck driver without warning may step on the brakes, potentially leading to the vehicle traveling behind it crashing into its rear. In some cases, the crash is unavoidable due to the poorly marked big trucks. Please avoid tailgating.

Underride guards when properly installed on big trucks can prevent fatalities and catastrophic injuries. The actions of a negligent truck driver as well as negligent trucking company can potentially lead to heartbreak, tragedy and drastically affected lives.

Get help if you are the victim of a truck accident

If you were injured because of the negligence of a truck driver, you deserve to get the maximum compensation for your pain, medical bills and other expenses. You should contact a skilled lawyer who will fight to hold the negligent parties accountable.

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