What should I do if my Uber is involved in an accident?

In just a few years, rideshare companies like Uber have revolutionized the way Pennsylvanians travel as well as how many people make money. Driving for Uber can be a lucrative opportunity, but getting behind the wheel of any vehicle can pose a significant risk to anyone – including Uber drivers.

So, what happens if you are hit by a negligent motorist while you are driving for Uber?

What Uber says

In the event of an accident, Uber has a specific process that all drivers must follow. This process includes the usual procedure after an accident, such as checking for injuries and contacting police or paramedics. However, then Uber drivers must:

  • Contact Uber to inform them they were involved in an accident;
  • Explain what happened; and
  • Complete an Incident Report Form for Uber’s insurance company.

It is also critical to contact your own insurance company since Uber’s insurance company only covers all damages or injuries in an accident in certain circumstances.

What else should Uber drivers do after an accident?

Of course, if you are injured in an accident, it is essential to obtain emergency medical attention as soon as possible.

If you are able, it is also helpful to:

  • Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, as well as your injuries;
  • Obtain accounts from any witnesses, if there were any;
  • Exchange information with the negligent driver; and
  • Document a written record of your account of the accident.

This process is similar to the steps any driver should take after an accident. However, Uber drivers might face some additional challenges if they are involved in an accident. And it might be necessary to consult an experienced attorney to help you recover compensation, despite these challenges.

Obtaining compensation is critical – regardless of challenges

Dealing with severe injuries after an accident is often stressful enough. An accident could change your life in seconds, and if it was not your fault, you deserve compensation to help you recover.

One of the main challenges Uber drivers face relates to their employment classification. Uber drivers are considered independent contractors. Therefore, they do not obtain the same benefits employees do. This includes workers’ compensation benefits. That is why it is critical for Uber drivers to protect themselves and fight to obtain the personal injury compensation they deserve if they were not at fault for a crash.

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